A Siding Project

If you are searching for a siding contractor look no further then America’s Construction Experts. We specialize in all types of siding. We feel that getting new siding is like getting a new home, except far less expensive!  Get your curb appeal back and raise the value of your home by updating the look of your home. We have a professional that can help you choose the style, type and color of your siding.

Our Approach

Below are the types of siding we install. We only use top-of-the-line materials and all are Energy Star certified.

  • Alside
  • CertainTeed

just to name a few, and all are Energy Star certified.

Standard Colors

You can see the standard colors of siding below. If you do not see the color of your choice it does not mean we cannot find it.  This is just an example of color options that are the most standard, in stock and ready for immediate installation.

Siding Colors

Aluminum Siding

Aluminum siding comes in a variety of  styles and colors. It is most often associated with modern, industrial, and retro buildings.


Vinyl siding is sensitive to direct heat from grills, barbecues or other sources. Unlike wood, vinyl siding does not provide additional insulation for the building.

Wood Plank & Bevel Wood Siding

Wood siding is very versatile in style and can be used on a wide variety of homes and painted or stained in any color palette desired.

James Hardie Siding

HardiePlank® lap siding offers the beauty and traditional look of wood siding while providing very non-wood like benefits with low maintenance.